Digital Access For All.

Our mission is to make digital content accessible for everyone. For 25 years developers and designers have been building the most innovative and exciting network of information in human history. It has changed the way we communicate, the way we think and the way we do business. It has created an infrastructure that will advance civilization. But it wasn’t designed for everyone.

More than 1 billion people are living with a disability. For many, the wealth of information, entertainment and commerce the rest of us enjoy is inaccessible. We want to change that.

The Law

The Americans with Disabilities Act, passed in 1990, was our nation’s most effective attempt to make the physical world accessible to those with disabilities. That law, however, did not anticipate the technology boom that has created a new world in the digital space.

Because the law is rooted in anti-discriminatory practices, and because our nation strives for equality, the courts have ruled that the mandate to accommodate everyone applies to wherever a business exists, even if that is a website.

The Work Ahead

We recognize that retrofitting the Internet to accommodate everyone equally is no simple task. Because of the amount of work required, and because no one else was doing it in a scalable way, we created a platform that will make this work efficient and affordable. Rather than going to businesses directly and fixing compliance issues one page at a time, we developed tools for the digital agencies already working with businesses. We partner with these agencies and have created a network capable of bringing digital content into compliance quickly. We also create the templates, tools and methods that allow for all future content to be created in a way that is usable with the Assistive Technology millions rely on when accessing content.

Working Together

With the number of Americans using the Internet approaching 100%, and the number of web sites growing every day (more than 22,800 per hour!) we have our work cut out for us. That is why we want to partner with agencies, organizations, affiliates, governments, anyone whose mission aligns with ours.

The Internet is the greatest human achievement in history. But it’s broken. Let’s fix it together. Let’s make humanity’s greatest innovation available to everyone.