Manual Testing

Manual Testing

Understanding the compliance issues with any site is a critical step. Automated scans provide some insight, but manual testing is required to discover all violations that impede access and present a threat to a potential lawsuit.

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Why it’s important

Once you have performed an automated scan of your client’s site the Auditing phase begins. Auditing involves certified professionals manually reviewing each page of the site. This is required because many violations, including ‘blockers,’ the most severe noncompliance issues and those most often associated with lawsuits, cannot be detected by automated scans. These issues are common among today’s websites because designers implement features like hidden navigation and scrolling triggers that may look beautiful but often prove unreadable by Assistive Technology devices.

The audit process

  • Automated Scan of the site
  • Preliminary Manual Review (10 pages) of templates
  • Estimate for Audit Provided
  • Manual Audit of entire site
  • Detailed Estimate for Remediation Provided

What’s required

The Audit process provides an accurate view of the WCAG violations across the site. This information is used to estimate the amount of work required to bring a site into compliance. Without an Audit, it is impossible to estimate the effort required for Remediation, and therefore the cost. We provide this service so you can deliver accurate reports and estimates to your clients and help them create a work schedule suitable to their resources, needs and budget.

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